Site must be properly prepped and graded; excavation of dirt is needed in order to put the appropriate base for the pavers. Paver install is not recommended on grounds that slope too much. To keep material in place we always place a border around area, usually of limestone edging mortared in a small cement footing to ensure pavers do not shift.  

Pavers along driveways must be appropriate for such use, otherwise they will crack.  Regular maintenance of pavers includes brooming sand on them at least once a year to keep them locked in place. 

There are numerous different pavers that can be used: If you do not have your pavers already picked, we strongly recommend going to providers, so you can pick your pavers and compare the different types and colors available, we can give you suggestions of where to look at them. 

Driveway and Paver Ext
Paver Install and River Rock
Paver Install in graveled Patio
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We do not provide paver samples because pavers are constantly changing in color and availability depends on manufacturer and demand. For all paver jobs we require upfront payments made in advance. 

Pavers require sand to be brushed in as part of their regular maintenance. Patterns and Colors depend on the paver used but as a general rule of thumb: 
The more complex the pattern and the more cuts needed the higher priced the work is, Some of the simple patterns are running bond and parquet                                                                                            

More complex ones would be: 45-degree herringbone, 90-degree herringbone.

Combining patters is a possibility, however it does require more work. 
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