Are you Bonded and Insured: Yes


What is Texas Total Landscape main line of business? Our main line of business and focus is on Mason and Flat work, Hardscaping and Soft-scaping.

 We can also help you maintain your yard with clean-ups, pruning, soil amendments, fertilizer installation, aeration, power washing, acid washing, and resealing mason and flat work.


Do you offer maintenance services? We do, but we are currently not taking any more maintenance accounts. We can always help you with clean-ups and re-landscaping, xeriscaping or spicing up your yard.


Who are your clients? Texas Total Landscape mainly serves Residential customers in the San Antonio North Eastern Area (Stone Oak and Garden Ridge Area), Shavano Park, Castle Hills, Alamo Heights, Terrell Hills. We also service cities like Converse, Windcrest, Universal City, Live Oak,  Selma, Cibolo and Helotes


Do you have references? Yes, we can certainly provide you with references. You can also easily look us up on sites such as: HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List, Yelp and Google to find our reviews from previous customers.


How do I schedule an estimate? You can give us a call, a text or email us with your info (Name, Phone #, Address and Brief description of project).We will then look at the estimate schedule and based off on your location and availability, we will give you a call /text or an email back with options to meet with you at your property. On day scheduled we will give you a call or a text to confirm appointment with eta around 4pm.


When can I expect to meet with you for an estimate? We mostly do estimates Monday thru Thursdays in the evenings, (4pm-7pm) depending on what time Ron is done with the crew.


Who will be at my property? For estimates you can expect us (the owners: Cintia and Ron). We will meet with you, go over your project, give you options, take measurements and assess site.


When can I get my estimate back? You can expect your written-up estimate emailed back, that very same day or the next for small projects.

If your project is bigger it might take a couple of days. In any case I (Cintia), will personally let you know when you can expect it

(Please be sure to check your junk and trash mail when expecting the email if you are a first-time customer)




 What are the contracting terms? 

  1. Your Estimate / Invoice is your binding contract, as such, it is your responsibility to REVIEW and READ it carefully as it is NOT open to interpretation. Make sure that you are getting the materials you want in the areas you need, estimates always have punctual information with measurements. 
  2. Please review EVERYTHING including the fine print.
  3. Please call before we dig 811, It is YOUR responsibility, we are not responsible for utilities not properly signalized.
  4. Additional services, or material not stipulated on estimate/invoice are considered out of scope of work and therefore are not included in project.
  5. Also please BE READILY AVAILABLE either on site or phone via: email, text / phone call on day(s) scheduled for your project. 
  6. There can always be additional things needed to efficiently tackle your job, additional material might be needed after removing an existing wall 
  7. Removing a walkway or driveway might need some root grinding and we will STOP project if we are unable to reach you.
  8. Fence or deck repair might need Additional posts or slats replaced than initially estimated.
  9. Root assessment/removal and stump grinding is NEVER covered unless otherwise stated in contract.



  1. Warranty of work is for 1 year on labor and material under regular circumstances : We are not responsible for natural disasters, ground shifting, root growth, hurricanes, tornadoes, high winds, hail, or any occurrencies beyond our control
  2. We also void any warranties on work if anybody else touches our work or we do a repair of a previous existing project we did not start
  3. Finally, if there is a breach of the contract we void any work warranties.
  4. We do not  have a warranty on trees, plants nor sod as these require your care after we install them, please consult watering guide provided on our webpage or enter this link: watering guides, and if you have any questions let us know.



  • PLEASE: Call before we dig 811.
  • Pay a MIN of 1/3 of TTL invoice in advance to book a date.
  • Make progress payments in a timely manner (% change is applicable at our discretion): OR prices are subject to change.
  • Denied or incomplete payments are cause to reschedule or stop agreement.
  • Final balance is due upon completion.
  • Balances not paid within 30 days of completion are subject to 1.5% monthly finance charge.
  • Should Texas Total Landscape engage to enforce payment, We shall be entitled to our attorney’s, court, filling expenses and collection fees, paid by customer.
  • By requesting this job you have entered a binding contract not open to interpretation.
  • You agree to having read this, and our FAQ and understood information contained here and abide by it
  • Check pick up charge is $65 dollars, Bounced check charges are $35 per occasion.
  • If customer provides material stand by labor rates may apply.






  • DO ask questions, we are here to help
  • DO take responsibility in your project and be excited by it, the more info you give us on what you need the better we can help.


DO YOU PROVIDE SAMPLES OF MATERIALS?  No, due to the multiple varieties of materials and ways to go for xeriscaping, construction etc, it would be impossible for us to go to site and recollect every material out there, so we can have it readily available for you to make a choice. We will however send you pictures of materials if we have them upon your request.

If you are looking for a particular kind of paver, flagstone, stone, a particular kind of gravel/river rock , etc: WE STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU VISIT ROCKYARDS AND MATERIAL SUPPLIERS. Do not worry, Once we meet with you and get a sense of what you are trying to archive at your yard we will recommend you exactly where to go.


How do i get a design? Designs are done upon request for a small fee upfront, that will be credited back to your job should you decide to go with us. Design payments can be done by check / cash on day we meet, via Zelle, or sending payment to Pobox address.


How do i make sure i will get everything i want? Advance payments are the ONLY way to secure a certain material, specialty plants etc, even a specific day for project. If you have decided for us to perform work for you, please send your timely advance payment, we will NOT pay for any material in advance nor hold any date without any advance payment. 


How do I get on the schedule? Terms and conditions to contract are on the estimate’s fine print, and here. To get on the schedule we ask that you send us at least the estimate signed or request we put you on the schedule via email (which means you have read this page, estimate and fineprint and agree to it). We also ask for payment upfront either handed to us or sent to Pobox address to adequately allocate for materials in a timely manner.


What types of payment do you accept and how are they done? We currently take checks. We ask for a payment upfront on day scheduled at the very latest, and progress payments are made as project gets done. Once project is done remainder payment are due upon completion.


Do you take cards? No, unfortunately at this time, we do not take credit nor debit cards since this would raise our prices


I am on the schedule, what can I expect? We will keep you updated on your date (should there be changes on the schedule due to delays or weather). On day scheduled you can expect Ron and the crew to show up between 7:30am and 9am. 

To hold a specific date or get specific material please make sure to send an upfront payment.                           


Texas requires calling 811 for utility locations, this is a free service.







  • Lower Maintenance
  • Reducing Water Use
  • Cut heating and Cooling Costs
  • Protect your home from wind and sun damage
  • Lower noise


San Antonio is in the hot-humid region

It is advisable to shade your home in summer but allowing sun to warm your home in winter

Shading is the most cost-effective way to reduce solar heat gain and avoid  air conditioning costs


Plant deciduous
trees to the south
of your home -- they
can screen 70-90
percent of the hot
summer sun
while allowing
breezes through.

Plant trees with
crowns lower to
the ground on
the west if you
want to shade
from lower,
sun angles.

Plant evergreen
trees and shrubs to
the north and
northwest of your
home to stop wind



Landscaping for Water Conservation General Advice


Reduce the use of
turf and use
types of turf grass.

Aerate your soil -- it
improves water flow
to plants’ roots and
reduces water runoff

Water in the morning
when it is cooler and
evaporation rates
are low

In the summer, raise your
lawn mower cutting
height -- longer grass
blades help shade each
other & retain more water

Use mulch to keep
plant roots cool,
evaporation and
reduce weed growth.




Sources: Energy Saver (, the Energy Department ( and
EPA WaterSense (


                                                                        THANK YOU!


Text us your Info to arrange a Free Estimate:

210 995 0588

Please make sure to visit

By entering into agreement with us, you are admitting to  having read, understood and accepted all terms and conditions both in your estimate/invoice, (including fineprint) and here.

Precautionary measures Covid19 "Work Safe Order":

Companies providing or maintaining infrastructure, building and housing maintenance, as well as Businesses providing home maintenance and other services are still allowed to operate in a safely manner

 You are able to get the maintenance services/construction needs you might need to make your stay at home: more comfortable and safer

Precautions we are taking are: Social Distancing, Precautionary hygiene measures: Use of soap, antibacterial wipes and gloves, use of facemasks when in close proximity to you and monitoring our health for you.

Thank you for supporting our business in this difficult time and we hope we can be of service to you and your family.

Gratitude is the best attitude.

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