Metal Edging Install:

Purpose: To delimit areas, separate planting areas from grass, creates a clean-cut, professional-looking edge lasts longer than plastic (which we do not install)

Installation: When done properly it is installed flush or slightly over ground level

Colors: BLACK (New), Brown and Green


Mulch Install:



  • It protects plants in winter and newly planted trees and shrub roots from hot weather
  • It keeps moisture in
  • It keeps weeds down
  • It amends the soil as it decomposes
  • It is decorative


  • It must be replenished as it decomposes into dirt
  • It cannot be installed in a slope as it will wash away
  • It can also fly out of place by either strong winds or when trying to use your blower

COLORS AVAILABLE: Natural, and Dyed: Black, Brown, Red

Rock and Gravel Install:


Proper install is done with a Layer of Basemix, then Commercial Grade Weedblock and then the gravel or stone of your selection.


  • It can highlight an area like a planter specially when using contrasting colors, and or walkways
  • River Rock is a great way to channel water out or away from areas
  • The weedblock and base prevent the weeds from growing, however seedlings must be either pulled out or spot sprayed with vinegar or weedkiller.
  • It is done once, and hardly ever replenished (unless there is big slopes and rocks move out of place with rushing water)


  • It is more expensive than mulch install
  • It does need low maintenance (spot spraying or pulling of weeds)


Patios, Walkways and Steps:


There are many MANY ways to create Walkways depending on Budget, Site, etc and  they can be made out of:

  • Plain Gravel or even Mulch
  • Grass and Flagstone
  • Rock or Gravel and Flagstone
  • Concrete
  • Concrete and Flagstone
  • Gravel and Pavers 

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