• Lower Maintenance
  • Reducing Water Use
  • Cut heating and Cooling Costs
  • Protect your home from wind and sun damage
  • Lower noise


San Antonio is in the hot-humid region

It is advisable to shade your home in summer but allowing sun to warm your home in winter

Shading is the most cost-effective way to reduce solar heat gain and avoid  air conditioning costs


Plant deciduous
trees to the south
of your home -- they
can screen 70-90
percent of the hot
summer sun
while allowing
breezes through.
Plant trees with
crowns lower to
the ground on
the west if you
want to shade
from lower,
sun angles.
Plant evergreen
trees and shrubs to
the north and
northwest of your
home to stop wind



Landscaping for Water Conservation General Advice


Reduce the use of
turf and use
types of turf grass.
Aerate your soil -- it
improves water flow
to plants’ roots and
reduces water runoff

Water in the morning
when it is cooler and
evaporation rates
are low

In the summer, raise your
lawn mower cutting
height -- longer grass
blades help shade each
other & retain more water
Use mulch to keep
plant roots cool,
evaporation and
reduce weed growth.




Sources: Energy Saver (, the Energy Department ( and
EPA WaterSense (

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