Our Specialties are Masonry work & Landscaping


Masonry Work:We repair and Create New: 

  • Retainer Walls and Planters (Brick, Natural Stone, Windsor Wall, Limestone, Flagstone)
  • Flagstone Walkways, Patios and steps
  • Lueder Install for walkways and steps
  • Outside Kitchen and BBQ’s repairs
  • New Fire pits
  • Raised Planter Beds (for fruits & veggies)


Windsor Retainer Wall (Stack Block) Pavestone, Low maintenance, pre-built, earth-toned concrete textured blocks that come in a variety of colors like :

              River Red,                          Trinity Blend,                       Terracota,                       Oaks Blend,                           Rock Blend,                   

That come in 12” and 17.5” lengths (depending on size and characteristics of your wall)

The area is leveled so you don’t end up with a crouched retainer wall, and prepped with a small amount of base, dg, sand or even concrete footing if you like and for extra grip in between the blocks we can also install liquid nails.




Natural Stone Walls: Boulders are natural, oddly shape looking stones, they are great for planter borders and firepits,


Limestone Wall (Chop Block), or Building Stone Wall: Is precut stone in rectangular shapes, great for walls, planters, firepits, etc




Brick Walls: We build your mailbox or brick wall with a cinder block wall structure, filled in with cement and reinforced with rebar and then the brick facia and mortar


Flagstone Wall: Again, cinder block wall structure filled in with cement and reinforced with rebar, or Natural stone walls and then the flagstone facia and mortar

All walls can have an enhanced finished look with a cap, If you need one be sure to let us know, You can also get creative it can be of matching material or different, for example a Limestone wall and a Brick wall can have a Flagstone Cap

There are several Rock yards and Hardscape supplying stores around San Antonio area. We always suggest for our customers to visit them around if not sure what to install. It is always also a good idea to go with colors that match your house materials.

As a side note: Stones that come from local riverbanks and areas are cheaper than those which do not.


Easiest colors to come across in this area are: Blanco White and Nicotine Colors, Oklahoma Golden and Browns, Midnight Boulders Gray in tone.


Flagstone Slabs (used for walkways, patios or planter caps)




Lueders: Rectangular flat precut stone slabs great to be used for walkways, steps, etc that come in 1 ¼” and 2 ¼” in thickness, proper prepping of area is needed to level lueders correctly, they can be installed surrounded by grass, gravel or mulch.

Regular Maintenance of Mason work is needed, to maintain and extend life of it. It can be cleaned with muriatic acid, (brushed in), always better than power washing to avoid removing mortar and properly sealed depending on element exposure every year or every other year, Please take this into consideration and let us know if you need these services!!






Appropriate prepping of the area is needed

For this reason, we always schedule an estimate prior to sending quote.

Grading, Removing Dirt, Dump Fees might be involved.

Prior to construction we Install Base Mix, all flat and concrete work is reinforced with rebar, drilled into existing structures if possible and might require expansion joints and or expansion material.

We can Seal it to for you: Proper maintenance includes proper washing and sealing at least once or every other year depending on exposure to elements


Concrete or Flatwork we can help you with:

Walkways, Driveways, Patios and Cast concrete walls




  • Regular Broom Finish (particularly recommended for uncovered areas) (USED FOR DRIVEWAYS)
  • Salt Finish (an option to broom finish) (USED FOR DRIVEWAYS)
  • Traul Finish (exclusively for covered areas since it can be very slippery)
  • Washed Aggregate (please consider that river rock is a natural asset and it changes over time in characteristics, also as time passes river rock is mined from different river backs and so an existing washed aggregate pad might not exactly match a new washed aggregate extension) (USED FOR DRIVEWAYS TOO!)
  • Flagstone inlayed in concrete


  • Color Concrete (Different colors can be mixed\
  • Basic Stamp Concrete (Random stone pattern and simple patterns)
  • Brick Ribbons


CAST CONCRETE WALL:  It is formed out of bender board (so it can be straight or meandering), we drill into ground, create a footing, reinforce with rebar.

For smaller projects we mix our own cement on bigger ones we call the ready-mix truck and wheelbarrow or pump into project area.

We put weep holes to avoid wall weakening, back fill with gravel and seal if you need us to do it for you


Paver Install


Site has to be properly prepped and graded, excavation of dirt is needed in order to put the appropiate base for the pavers.

Paver install is not recommended on grounds that slope too much.


In order to keep material in place we always place a border around area, usually limestone edging.

Regular maintenance of pavers includes brooming sand on them to keep them locked in place.


There is numerous different pavers that can be used, we like to use concrete pavers:

Some of the pavers available out there are :


                             Holland, Biga Stone, Natural Stone, Square, Turfstone, Decoral, Aquamax, Multiweave, Symetry and Plaza Stone





Patterns and Colors depend on the particular paver used but as a general rule of thumb:

The more complex the pattern and the more cuts needed the higher priced the work is,

Some of the simple patterns are: running bond and parquet

and more complex ones would be: 45 degree herringbone, 90 degree herringbone.

Combining patters is a possibility, however it does require more work.



Other work we can tackle is: 

Grading, Drainage, Water Diversion, Waterproofing


Fencing and Decks



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